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 COURS OF MESOTHERAPY , theoretic and practical, Only for Doctors MD and dental surgeon

The  course of Mesotherapy  take place in Jerusalem,                               at Hebrew University of JerusalemFaculty of Medicine, Ein Karem. 

The theoretical and practical course will take place  two Fridays a month, from 9 a.m to 14 p.m, ten sessions of 5 hours (50hours)      

The course will take place in October 2013


             Dates subsequently

At the end of the course a course certificate is issued by the University, and a diploma will be attribute by the Israelian Society of Mesotherapy, member of the International  Society of Mesotherapy.

The course is in compliance with the International course. It entitles to the  DIPLOMA issued by the International Society of Mesotheraoy on proposal of the Israel Society of Mesotherapy and after writing of a memory.

Dr A. KAPLAN will be in charge of the course.
    Former training course teacher of the French Society of Mesotherapy
    Former physician attached at Saint-Antoine Hospital (Paris-France)
    Honorary Chairman of the Israelian Society of Mesotherapy
    Doctor in charge of Mesotherapy at Hadassah Hospital (Jerusalem-Israel) and
Dr M. TORDJMAN  Chairman of the Israelian Society of Mesotherapy

DETAILS and REGISTRATION for the next course
    Tel / fax 02-6711246
    e-mail : 
     kaplan.andre@gmail.com  meso.israel@gmail.com

SUMMARY of MODULES            COURSE 2012-2013

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                   MODIFICATIONS IN COURSE 2013